A few facts, figures and words about me

Name: Helen Wyman
Date of Birth: 4th March 1981
Place of Birth: St Albans, UK
Residence: Rennes-les-Bains

Cyclocross Stats
Highest World Championship Placing: 3rd
Highest World Cup Placing: 2nd
Highest World Ranking: 2nd
Highest National Championship Placing: 1st

Born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, although having grown up in Norfolk, I took up cycling at a young age. Many summers were spent on cycling holidays around England and France before I finally took up racing at the age of 14 years old. Racing everything from Grass Track to Road Racing, Mountain Biking to Cyclocross; I never really found my speciality until time constraints found it for me!

At 18 years old I returned to Hatfield to study physiotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire. With time limited I turned my attention to cyclocross. Instantly finding some success I loved the sport and couldn’t imagine anything better. After qualifying I worked at the Royal Preston Hospital in Preston for the next 2 years where I started Road Racing too. Since then I have followed my passion of Cyclocross and have been the national champion 9 times and twice European Champion. Married to Stefan Wyman I now spend most of my time in Southern France and in Belgium during the CX season, simply for the convenience and accessibility to top quality racing.




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