BPost Lille

Following the festivities of last weekend it was back to business in the BPost Bank Trophy series.  This years series is decided by overall time and it’s certainly added a new dimension to the way we race. This series is 8 races long with the last two coming on sand based courses.  If I’m ever to have a chance of winning the series I need a big lead going into the last races.  Cant and Sand go together like………well Sand and Cant I guess.  I had around a minute and half coming into this event, my weakest of the series on paper.


I don’t think I’ve ever been on the podium at this race, or even close, but to be honest I had no eyes on the overall result at all at the start of the season.  I’ve found myself there despite a couple of pretty average events.  Before this race I’d won one round and Cant had won two.  But now I’m in this position I’d been a plonker not give the overall my best shot.

Lille Training

So the race: Good start, lost the lead in the corner on lap 2, focused on my own race, had to fight for every second, finished 3rd. Lost a minute overall, gained time on 3rd, still leading.


So that was about it really.  Cant, in her home town, won in the sprint and really put the pressure on.  It’s her 3rd win in the series and I’d assumed that based on last years points classification she’d now be leading.  But, having worked it out, I’d be ahead still by just 2 points.  It all makes for a very exciting last round.  I’m hopeful I can do well and I’m sure it will be a good race.


Next weekend I have 2 events and have a chance to get back to the World Number 3 spot with a win.  Then its off to Oostmalle for the final round of the series, and more importantly the post-race cookie party hosted by Christine Vardaros.


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1 – Sanne Cant

2 – Marianne Vos

3 – Helen Wyman

4 – Nikki Harris

5 – Loes Sels

6 – Sophie de Boer

7 – Yara Kasterlijn

8 – Ellen Van Loy

9 – Pavla Havlikova

10 – Githa Michiels