August Insight – Post 23

Each day in August I will give you an insight into my life

Seeing athletes enter the sport, and subsequently retire and leave is something you get used to. But as one of the ‘least young’ riders on the CX start grid, I’ve seen a few more than most I guess.
Amanda Miller has just announced her retirement. Amanda is a friend, and I met her a long time ago when she was flying through the hills of France in the Tour de l’Aude as part of the TIBCO team. Always an amazing professional on and off the bike, she’s going to be hugely missed.

When riders retire so young, it always frustrates me. Our wonderful sport isn’t currently in a position to provide the support riders need to remain involved. I know the struggle first hand, as every single day at the moment I’m looking for partners to allow me to continue in 2018 and beyond.

I’ve been fortunate to be in a position to effect change with the regulations, and give women’s racing swifter progress, but all too often, we still see one woman in a men’s team. It seems, more of a token gesture even though those riders are some of the best.
Women’s teams are few and far between, sponsors are beyond hard to find no matter how good your track record is.

I wish you all the very best in retirement Amanda, and I hope to see you very soon. My home is always open to you and hope you remain in the sport.