August insight – Post 24

Each day for the month of August I will give you an insight into my life.

Earlier this year I started working with @fuellingyouradventures . I’ve never worked with a nutritionist before but have a huge interest in healthy eating so was pretty excited to see what he had to say. Back in April I did a food diary for 3 days and I am doing it again right now. Stef hates these days as he gets even more of a condescending look than usual as he reaches for the ice cream, accompanied by “are you going to weigh that??” It is tough to weigh everything but it is totally worth the analysis. I love having knowledgable people at hand in their specific fields. It’s great to able to send a message to an expert when you read some research about beet juice or bicarbonate of soda or some other thing that’s hip at the time and get some straight practical use answers.
Plus I get to take pretty pictures of my colourful vegetable overload meals!! #crossiscoming #thisgirlcan #francelife#winning