August insight – Post 25

Each day for the month of August I will give you an insight into my life.

Although cyclocross may seem like an individual sport in the race, outside of it there really are a lot of people in everyone’s ‘team’. I have been really lucky to have such great people in team wyman over the years and Patrick is one of those people. He goes to all the races with Monique, he takes my clothes, podium bag at the start and finish of the race and is always there to help out in any way. It’s his birthday today so I thought what better insight. Patrick and Monique together have helped me since way back in Niel 2013. Sadly this year he is having a knee replacement in September and so won’t be able to come help. But I do know he will be watching every race on Tv and shouting louder than ever just for me! Thanks for everything Patrick, Happy birthday and remember listen to your physiotherapist post op!!! 😂🎉