August Insight – Post 27

Each day for the month of August I will give you an insight into my life.

“Stick a fork in me, I’m done”
That has to be a favourite weird saying in the wyman household and it pretty much sums up my training for the week! With a big strength block my legs feel broken, basically every time I move, so I was not excited to do the 10 hills ride today. Technically I did 8 hills but I did ride to the ride so that makes up for the difference!! Fortunately I had the boys to ride the ‘flat’ bits and all I had to do was the efforts. So 4hrs, 8 sets of efforts, 115km, 1700m climbing later we were all pretty much ‘done’ ! Well I say those are the stats but we all put the ride on strava and the 3 of us had completely different stats for the same ride . I’ll just take the most of everything and put that in the training diary . Speed day tomorrow then I get a whole day off. Can’t wait!