August Insight – Post 29

Each day for the month of August I will give you an insight into my life.

Arghhhh rest day. My favourite day of the training week!!! A lot of people that make the decision to go full time as a bike rider think that means you do a massive amount more training. You definitely do more training but the biggest change to your life is having the time to rest. Amira didn’t understand why I did nothing on my rest days until she did a Helen week of training, then she refused to move from the sofa for the entire day 🙊😂! There’s masses of research to show that adaptation to training only occurs with appropriate rest. Plus by being able to recover and chill out means you have more energy to get more watts from the efforts in your training. Basically quality rest equals better training. I’m not saying sit on your arse all day everyday but as long as you are doing the training to the very best you can then don’t ever feel guilty about the rest day. Me, Netflix, my coffee machine and an iPad can happily waste an entire day lying down!!! I’ll still do my core though obviously