Value – Opportunity – Sponsorship

A post by Stefan Wyman 

Funding in cycling is hard. I know that, and in women’s cycling it’s especially hard. I think all disciplines in women’s racing are suffering, but I want to put a little perspective on value. Now to qualify what I’m going to say, I wish Cannondale-Drapac huge luck with their crowdfunding. I applaud Fairly Group for the generous funding match offer, and I sincerely hope the team continue and save the jobs of the staff and riders. I’m also extremely aware of the value Tour de France exposure provides to sponsors; it’s unrivalled in women’s cycling and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I simply want to highlight a value for money opportunity in the cycling world.

So that value I was talking about; what does €10k get you nowadays. It appears in the World Tour you get a thank you letter and access to a private area on a website, upon which your name will also be featured.   Well let’s switch to the world of women’s cyclocross, where there are expected to be around 30 races live on TV in Belgium this year (That’s over 22 hours of TV time), many of which are available to stream globally or in fact live on TV channels around the world. You could title sponsor an 11-time championship winner for €10k. That’s right, title sponsor. So your name would be the name of the program, your name would be on the front of the jersey (Or somewhere else on the jersey if you prefer), and of course, your name would also be put on the front of the website.

There wouldn’t be a private web area because the rider believes in open communication and uses not only their website, but IG, FB and Twitter to effectively communicate to followers everyday, all year round. For private communication you’d have the riders phone number, and mine, and would be free to chat, whenever you wanted. Or you could chat during trips to your offices, which wouldn’t be restricted to one, or on a ride, which again, wouldn’t be restricted to one. Of course, we’d make sure you get free team clothing for that ride, and further signed items for your wall or to give away, maybe to benefit a charity of your choice.

Those open social media communication accounts generate over 4 million impressions annually, and have the potential to be so much higher. We’d let you see and meet the type of people who engage with the rider at events by inviting to races with us, and even ensure you’re in the warm environment of the VIP tent….tickets are on us FYI.

For just €5k, you can be on the riders jersey and have a brand ambassador that will not only care passionately about your brand, but also the sport. An athlete that has invested their time to drive forward the opportunity and rights of women in cyclocross, and driven forward the regulation changes which now see so many races on television. Of course, that $5k will also get you on the website, and we’d love to ride with you, and yes, you’d also get a jersey.

I mean while we are looking at value, for €20,000, you’d not only be the title sponsor and we’d give you one of the race bikes that the end of the season (Clean or covered in mud from a famous Flemish field, your choice). I’d get you a one week stay in the Aude region in France, at the 4* La Monastere Hotel, and the rider would personally guide you through the best roads in Europe all week. If you want, this can be during the 2018 Tour de France. I’ll also ensure you get to visit a local vineyard and taste some of the best wine in France. I promise you, the homemade deserts you’ll experience a La Monastere might be worth this alone.

That’s value. That’s Cyclocross. And that’s Helen Wyman. If you want to be a part of the program, get in touch, and I’ll match your funding with my determination to ensure you get maximum value, and enjoyment out of the sport.