Wyman Wednesday: Preparing for CX

Every fortnight, Helen Wyman will be bringing us insights from her travels through the cyclocross season. In this week’s Wyman Wednesday, she welcomes the Belgians to her South France training camp and introduces them to Helen’s Hills, which it turns out, are much steeper than those found in Belgium. 

by: Helen Wyman

Equal prize money in a World Cup. If I’m honest I didn’t think I’d hear that in my career, but the reality is it’s less than a month away. I’ve spent a fair amount of my free time over the past four years campaigning to gain greater equality in cyclocross, and it turns out, some folks out there were paying attention. Although I sadly could not get these final steps included in the regulations, someone who recognized it was the right thing to do was finally able to make it happen.

It’s not about money, it’s about respect. It’s not about total earnings, it’s about prize money. It’s not about the length of the race, it’s about opportunity. Trek, I salute you. I hope you’ve opened the door for others to follow you, as it’s simply the right thing to do.

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Wyman in control. 2016 Jingle Cross Day 1 Cyclocross Night Race. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine