The second retirement jigsaw piece is going to be expanding my work in cross clinics and coaching.  Already coaching riders and enjoying it a lot, I can see the benefit of passing on my experience to riders around the world.  Over the last 5 years or so I’ve lead many cyclocross clinics that give riders a quick blast of coaching and tips to help them find new ways to improve. It’s a fast way to increase your cyclocross confidence and enjoy the thrills of cycling’s best disciple even more. 

One such clinic was at Jingle Cross a couple of years ago where together with Jon Page we took a group of riders around one of the toughest courses in American racing. Since I came to the decision to hand up my racing wheels, I’ve been speaking to JP and together we are going to team up to take our coaching, clinics and even training/riding tours on the road.  

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Jon, and his family, were some of the most important folk in my career as a rider, where together we enjoyed quiet times away from racing when all living in Belgium.  I was lucky enough to benefit from Jon’s race day tips and insights before major events, so I know first hand the difference this can make. To be able to now work with JP and take our combined 30 plus years of European racing experience and use it to help riders around the world is going to be pretty cool. 

We are already speaking to organisers about coming to events in the 2019/20 season and if your race or cycling team/club want to book a clinic, get in touch.  

If you’re interested in residential clinics in USA or Europe, again let us know. These are not restricted to the CX season, we are available all year round. 

We can even help set up your racing trips and adventures in the heartland of cross in Belgium for you to enjoy your dream events. 

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