My career in cycling has spanned cyclocross, road and gravel. My focus has been on cyclocross and in recent years I’ve worked in an increasing number of project off the bike, leading to the creation of my consultancy (wyman.cx) with my husband Stefan.

Cycling Centre is our gateway to training, riding or touring where I will open the doors of our French base to training camps and tours. If you’re interested in riding with me, or just accommodation in the beautiful Aude region to base your solo rides from, please use the contact form below. If you require a structured training camp for up to 20 people, or a guided cycle tour for 2 or more people, Cycling Centre can set up your bespoke trip.  With mechanical support, housing/hotels, as well as airport transfers and meals, we can offer you a stress-free trip in one of the world's best cycling regions.

Coaching - For the past 14 years, my entire professional career, I’ve been coached by my husband Stefan.  During that time, I’ve risen to the top of the sport with a World Championship Medal, two European Championship titles and 10 National titles.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work with other leading coaches, athletes and experts throughout my career in cyclocross and road racing.  My performance levels wouldn't be possible without detailed coaching input from experienced eyes. Stefan and I have worked with additional experts in the fields of Sports Psychology, Physiology and Nutrition, as well as other professional coaches when further advice is desired.  As a coach qualified with British Cycling, I’m now offering you the chance to benefit from my experience, along with that of my coach Stefan Wyman. Together we are offering a coaching package that gives you tailored coaching based on your individual goals.  All coaching will be assigned via Training Peaks and we will be personally available whenever you need us. More details on the coaching can be seen on it specific page.

Rider Agent - As a registered UCI Rider Agent, Stefan is well placed to assist you in your team transfer or contract negotiations. Together we have experience of Professional Road and Cyclocross teams in both Europe and USA, but also have an understanding of the elements that will help you develop as a rider which might be more important than a teams registration status. If you’d like our help or advice, please use the contact form below.

Helen100 was launched in early 2018 with a plan to raise money to pay for the entries of 100 women riders under the age of 23. It managed to achieve that and subsequently we launched the Helen100 Trophy which was the first ever Junior Women’s cyclocross to be held in association with a professional race in Belgium. I’m working hard to expand these projects and add new commercial partners and events. If you’d like to speak to me relating to the Helen100, please use the contact form below. More details on the Helen100 can be seen on it specific page.

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